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Cerulean View is the Essex based studio of Tim Corke. Tim has been a successful garden designer and creator of gardens in the UK for over 25 years and worked with many clients and professionals during that time. Tim is dedicated to offering a professional service with a reputation for design excellence and a commitment to the highest quality results. Tim’s personal style is predominantly modern, contemporary and strongly arts influenced. He is also adaptive and creative with a firm belief in the vision of the client.

“ I try not to impose my ideas unless people ask me too. I often find clients have a far clearer perception of their ideas than they might think. Its just a case of listening, observing and using my experience as a designer to make those thoughts a reality. Its a great privilege to be able to create something that you know people will enjoy for many years to come”

Tim gained a BSc in Landscape and Garden Design at Writtle College in 2003 and was also awarded the colleges own “Turner Prize” for design innovation presented to him by Sir Allan Titchmarsh. Tim is currently studying for an MA in Art & Design.

Being a creative person Tim naturally applies his design ethos across all disciplines.  The natural environment is key to his creative roots. Landscape photography is another passion that allows a connection with observing the environment. Tim is also a multi-media artist and sculpture which allows him to combine his talents and enjoy an adaptive freedom to transpose ideas and creative thinking between other disciplines.

“ I consider everything to be linked in one way or another. Observation is the key to unlock these connections and allow your creativity to express them. Any piece of work is not just about what you see; like wise a finished work is an accumulation of all the senses working together and the result of how that process made you feel and respond.”

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